2007 | Urban Kiosk

Urban Kiosk | multi-functional urban furniture

Building upon earlier projects [notable the Windmask art project for Rotterdam, check www.lenard.nl/windmask] ONL embarked on developing a full bodied nodal construct. The nodes of the triangulated network are voluptuous as to contain a variety of urban street functions. the Urban Kiosk contains a public toilet, a small shop, a space to charge your telephone, seating space, and, to sustain its business model, several larger replacable stretched canvases for advertisement. the Urban Kiosk would easily be able to make profit and be useful to the people in the streets.

Urban Kiosk by night
the nodes vary in size as to adapt to the different functions

The Urban Kiosk comes in different sizes and formats. The concept of smooth connecting the voluptuous nodes van adjust parametrically to the number of nodes. The minimum number we have considered is 5 nodes, while the largest kiosks feature 13 nodes. The volume of the nodes can vary parametrically to host the variety of functions.

Urban Kiosk with a minimum of 5 nodes