028 | Pop-Up Loft

The metropolitan citizen adopts a lifestyle that takes advantage of smart robotics to customize their adaptive compact city habitats.

Imagine a 50 m2 room that can adapt to different use. Imagine this 50 m2 space to be completely empty as its initial condition, like a Zen space with a pleasant wooden floor and clean finishings on all surfaces and with generous glass walls. Not a single piece of furniture is there to see. But then, you can customize – via an app on your mobile – this space in a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a toilet, a home cinema, your fitness room.

 There is only a kitchen / bed / table / bath / toilet when you need one

Imagine, all 50 square meters just for the bedroom. After your own preferences and choices using your pop-up app you can transform it in a matter of seconds in your kitchen, your 50 M2 bathroom, and even in your 50 m2 toilet. Function on demand. More spacious than that it can not get, and that in a mere 50 m2.

Physically this pop-up loft concept can be built in almost in any place where there is enough headroom. the double floor would measure max 80-90 cm, with a possibility to reduce that to 50cm when using foldable legs for kitchen and tables.

The kitchen, the bed, the bath,the toilet, the dining tabel pop up on demand, just by chosing the icon on your app. You may chose to have them all at once, and when there lives more than one person in the room, they may chose to have 2 or more functions operational at the same time.

Full height closets and a huge LED screen slide along the sides, as to store and display clothes, books, and personal items. They take little space and by sliding back and forth they facilitate redefining the use of the space in real time.