2014 | Body Chair

body chair on flow carpet

The Body Chair is an innovative concept with respect to furniture design. The Body Chair offers a fully customizable made-to-measure designed chair, based on high-end industrial production methods and finishes. The Body Chair capitalizes on the full potential of digitally controlled industrial production methods, offering a truly unique high-end design product.

body chair with LED light inside

The Body Chair consists of a series of unique components that are different in dimension and shape, yet members of the same parametric family. This means that the components follow the same geometric principles, while their unique shape and dimensions are driven by different parameters, specific to their location and role in the system, within relevant ergonomic constraints.

body chair raw | front view

The Body Chair is designed  within  an  open  parametric design system, in which the dynamic relationships between the different parameters are defined, to develop a solution that can be tailored to fit specific individual requirements. This means that the product can be fully customized just by changing parameters, without having to redesign. The parameters in this open design system can be set by either the lead designer [ONL] or by the consumers. Herewith the consumer becomes a co-creator in the design and production process. The consumer becomes a prosumer, who can now actively customize the design to meet personal requirements.

body chair | frog’s eye view

Larger persons may for example choose larger dimensions for the chair, yet certain proportional values will be maintained as to secure the desired level of comfort and usability. Another possibility is to choose a more active version of the Body Chair, simply by varying the angles  of the seating and backing, such that it can either function as a kitchen chair or function as an office chair. The underlying algorithms secure that the chair will support the human body at the desired position.

body chair with soft grey cover

To allow for the consumer to become a co-creator in the design of the Body Chair, a specific consumer BYYU [by you] application is developed connected to the open parametric design system. Eventually this application will be designed to run on mobile phones and tablets as to reach out to the general public. With this application they will be able to play with all possible variables to get inspired to design their own version of the Body Chair. Choosing a configuration of their choice will automatically generate the data that is necessary to robotically produce the 28 unique components. The components can in principle be produced in any location in any country where the required machinery is available. All one need is a numerical controllable laser cutter or water jet cutter and a bending machine.

body chair | 2015 Salone di Mobile Milan IT

manufacturer: Hieselaar, Schoonhoven NL